We want you to get involved

Are you a tech person? Or are you more hands-on and low-tech? Maybe you are just very creative and have a lot of ideas? Maybe you ride a bike and also a car and have thoughts on the interaction between bikes, cars and pedestrians? No matter who you are and what your strong side is: Cyclehack need participants of all kinds, and we hope YOU want to take part in the Cyclehack Bergen event 19th – 22th of June. The important thing is that you want to share your ideas and take part in making Bergen a better city to bike in.

Cyclehack is a non-profit event, and we need all the help and support we can get. Sponsors are crucial, this can be sponsors of money, food, materials, tools etc. For the event we are going to need different kind of equipments: for example cardboard, plywood, wood, metal, glue, 3D-printer, soldering tools, plasticine, drill, saw etc. etc. We also need cooperation partners, so if you or your business is not able to support with money/ equipment, maybe there is something else you can contribute with? We also need people to take good pictures and film the event, and we are going to need food and drinks for the participants on the event.

Don´t hesitate to contact us for any reason, and spread the word!

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